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Yamasztuka Media
Jamasztuka Aŭdvidaĵo
Yamasztuka logo.png
FoundedJanuary 1st, 2022
CountryUnited States

Yamasztuka Media, otherwise known as Yamasztuka, is a media publication company founded by Yamasztuka to publish their personal media.


Yamasztuka Media was formed in 2022 by myself, Yamasztuka, to publish the unfinished texts from the novel Forgotten Dreams. They intended for the company to publish all kinds of media created by themself, including both physical and digital books, stickers and apparel, physical artwork, video games, and music. As of 2022, Yamasztuka Media has only published media created by Yamasztuka.



January 1st, 2022: eBook | Forgotten Dreams: A Collection of Unfinished Texts

September 17th, 2022: Paperback Book | Forgotten Dreams: A Collection of Unfinished Texts