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Here are all the projects in my portfolio, listed here ordered from their start date.

Creative Projects

  • [2019 - 2020] Forgotten Dreams - An unfinished space opera science fiction novel. Its contents were published into the public domain in 2022.
  • [2020] Vega Brawl - An arcade boxing video game made to celebrate international genres of jazz music.
  • [2021 - ] The Archon Ascendance Saga - A saga of events detailing the creation, ascendance, and death of the Heaven's Warden and the bubble universe of Hyperion.
    • [2021 - ] Terminus Sentinel - A 2D "Metroidbrainia" game exploring the last fragments of a broken civilization and the leviathan that wrung its neck.
    • [2022 - ] Astraeus Dawning - A science fiction novel detailing a Pontifex and an alien Game Master's bid for freedom the Great Game of Astraeus.
    • [2022 - ] The Avenues - This story explores Reyna Kline's journey through the Avenues, a complex of wormhole-like forest paths between worlds.
    • [2023 - ] Abstractions of Starlight - A story detailing the travels of Sage, an experienced gamemaster, and Tranquility, a curious wanderer, in the Great Game of Astraeus.
    • [2023 - ] The History of Onaki Podcast - A history podcast detailing the millennia spanning history of the City of Onaki.
  • [2021] Project Flow - A simple but intuitive arcade-like rhythm game for mobile devices.
  • [2022 - ] Jream Archive - A video webseries about a mysterious game console and its singlular software release, Jream.
  • [2023 - ] Codex Chronicles - An educational mystery visual novel exploring obscure historical crimes and mysteries through primary sources.
  • {2023 - ] The River Maker

Other Projects

  • [2015 - 2018] Mashups and Mixes - Details of the mashups and remixes I created during my time in high school, before beginning my journey as an artist and writer.
  • [2019 - ] Artchive - An ongoing archive of my artistic work, including full resolution artworks, scans of paper sketches, and PSD/CLIP files. Currently up to date to Mid-2022.
  • [2021 - ] Getting Weird With It - An archive of music CDs found at thrift stores that seem to have no record online.
  • [2022 - ] Yamasztuka Wiki - A wiki containing information about my creative projects and other endeavors, including character biographies and worldbuilding information.
  • [2022 - ] - My personal website, containing outlinks to or directly hosting most of my projects.
  • [2022 - ] VG Cover Archive - High quality 300DPI or more scans of video game artwork, discs, and manuals available for download on the Internet Archive.
  • [2022] La Kuirlibro - A concept collaborative cookbook for Esperanto speakers. Although no users submitted recipes, about half a dozen were submitted by myself.
  • [2023 - ] Project Floridiana - A compilation of digitized public domain and Creative Commons resources regarding Florida history.