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Every significant character I have made is available through this page. They will be separated by the projects and universes they are involved in. Characters in multiple projects will share the same page, with their differences between each project noted within that page.

The Archon Ascendance Saga

Stories are listed in chronological order within the saga.

Astraeus Dawning

Pontifex Oksana II, Abelard, Pribisek Marinova, Jasna Spivok

Abstractions of Starlight

Sage, Tranquility, Hertig, The Heaven's Warden

Terminus Sentinel

Dura, Primrose, Hertig

The Avenues

Reyna Kline, Marcia Vitale, Luksa, Hertig

Forgotten Dreams

Chernoyans - Zeljko Conager Osvobodi, Anastasia Mondi Stoycho, Nikolay Ludwig Nevena

Kapteynians - Shiini, Chione, D.W. Hertig, Kaeti Okamiru, FELIX, Obse, Christiann Liutprand, Anastasia Liutprand, Vince Hawkes, Orion, The Simulator

Valor - Alyssa Blondeau, Kylma Armoton, Yuwa Kuwana

Others - Prince Peisko, Richard Jotsmoth, Alban Varsto, The Leviathan, NKO-00298

Codex Chronicles

Maggie MacGrath, Cameron Paige, Doctor

Vega Brawl

Player Characters - Cassiopeia Bloom, Kaeti Bloom

Boxers - Lucy Parsons, Pho Nguyen, Alina Oleksandrovych, Bull Moose

Project Flow



These projects are collaborative works that I have had a hand in, but am not the primary author of.

Coin Tea for 99 Cents

Yen Naganohara, Matsu Naganohara